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Winnie the Pooh Poster

Winnie the Pooh Poster

It’s been a while since this was realeased, but I just felt like I had to mention that this is a great poster. In fact, the whole campaign was very well done, in a classic way that you don’t get see often anymore.



So It Is Christmas

I’m not sure if we need a poster of Scrooge flying around in the city, but if we do this one strikes as the better version. Not quite as over the top and zany looking as the last one. Less weird flying objects.

(Via IMPAwards)

A Less Scary Carol

The first few posters for a Christmas Carol were almost completely occupied by Scrooge, as recreated through technology and with the helping face of Jim Carrey. They were also surprisingly dark and mysterious. Some of them really surprisingly dark and mysterious.

Well, the latest (and supposedly final) posters takes care of THAT. Now we have Scrooge flying above a well light city. Atop a candle snuffer. Which is, I must admit, a surprising choice of flying vehicle.

The tone is more jovial, the promise of crazy adventures and hearty laughs is clear. That doesn’t really work as a siren call to my ears, but is probably more appropriate to the target audience for the film, which should be broad and filled with the young ones.

Myself, I’m wondering whether some of that dark magic hinted before can be found in the actual picture. The direction of the campaign has changed, but my mind will remain filled with the promise of the earlier posters.

Which probably serves the marketing team just fine.

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More Nines

The above is the recently released domestic poster for the animation 9. It’s a bit darker than the Russian poster, and has more of a sci-fi/action vibe to it. I mean, “When our world ended, their mission began”?, what is this, Terminator?

The visual style still shines clearly, but I think some of the whimsy that made the last poster so attractive is gone. Not sure I love it.

And since we are talking about nines, a reader points out in comments this poster:

This is for the Thai horror 9.

Also in comments Glenn reminds us of this film from late last year.

Must be something in the air…

The Age of Ice!

This Ice Age posters tells me two things:

– There is more fun to be had with the footprints of the T-Rex than with the actual T-Rex.
– The squirrel thing is still the protagonist of the most interesting Ice Age posters. In fact he remains the the most effective character as far as marketing the movie goes.

Overall, I think the poster campaign for Ice Age 3 has been on par with the one for Ice Age 2. Is that enough? Or are people tired of these characters? One way or another I don’t think you can complain much about the posters.

(Via IMPAwards and Kinopoisk)