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9 + 9 + 9 = Too Much

So, just to make everything clear. This year will see the release of 9 an animated film directed by Shane Acker which has this very cool Russian poster:

Scary, funny and compelling in all the right ways isn’t it? Reminds me a little of Coraline, and I mean that in a good way.

Also coming out this year is District 9, a movie about aliens who feels like their rights aren’t being respected. I think. That movie has the following serious poster…

…and it also has a very clever campaign that includes the poster below and these. Honestly, the campaign just might be a little too clever.

But that is not all! This year will also see the release of the Rob Marshall musical Nine. Which loses, because it has no poster yet. (Ok, I know, I know, plenty of time).

And none of those has anything at all to do with The Nines.

So now you know.

(Via IMPAWards, FirstShowing and Kurt Halfyard)


Feels Like Christmas

This poster for A Christmas Carol hits just the perfect balance between seeming like a hundred posters you have seen before and still having enough fresh elements to appear modern. Which is exactly as it should be.

Obviously you can’t have a poster that makes the film seem like something straight from the 80’s. And yet a big part of Christmas is that warm feeling of tradition, so you want to hit that as hard as you can, especially in something that is a new version of a many times retold story.

And on that note, here are some other Christmas Carol posters. The one for the Muppets has to be my favorite (artwork by Drew Struzan!).

(Via IMPAwards,, MovieGoods)

Important Animation Posters

First up, Up. Not much new in the poster to look at, but doesn’t the title seem much more chirpy and joyful in french?

Second , Ponyo, the American version, which is somewhat cleaner and more focused than some others (not ALWAYS a good thing, I should add). And more importantly, reminds me that the film will only be released in the U.S. on August, over an year after it was released on Japan.

(Via IMPAwards)


Ice Age is here again, and it brings us … dinosaurs. And mammoths that float around using on giant slabs of ice.

This a very weird Ice Age indeed.

When you have a sequel to a popular film the desire to do a poster that looks kind of similar to a previous poster but WITH MORE STUFF can be quite strong. Overwhelming even. So it’s no surprise we have seen a French poster not entirely dissimilar to this one before. However, as understandable as that can be, it rarely ever leads to great posters. Sometimes it even leads to some really bad ones.

But the Ice Age franchise has always coupled some uninspired posters with some very interesting ones. And the best poster for Ice Age 3 has probably already been released. So I’m not specially concerned that this isn’t a very good poster.

(Via IMPAwards)

Astro Boy Emerges

Ah, Astro Boy, the robot with a heart of … well, I have no idea what the hell that is made of. But the important point is that he does have a heart. And he is a robot. See, this is a very sweet story. About a robot.

Ever since I started reading about and seeing bits and pieces of Astro Boy I have been wondering if the visuals of the whole thing aren’t just a tad too outdated. Sure, Astro was super in his time, but right now I think we ave gotten used to a very different style of design of animated characters. And this poster, although it’s in general a pretty nifty teaser, reinforces those concerns.

Not many people still love, or even know about Astro Boy. So, can this character entrance a whole new generation that doesn’t already have a connection to him? Some people believe, I’m not entirely sure.

(Via IMPAwards)

Higher Still

Over the years I’ve become sort of a Pixar fanboy, so you should take it with a grain of salt when I say that these characters are adorable, especially the old guy. So grouchy.

These two posters don’t show us much more than we have already seen, altough the dog is new, which seems to confirm my impressions of where this campaign was going. I actually like that they are keeping most of the film from us. I like finding out about things in the cinema. It’s fun.

I have to say though, these pale when compared to what we saw for Wall-E and are not among the most inspired posters for a Pixar film. And yet, even the least inspired poster for a Pixar film is very good. Sure pays to have great source material.

(Via SlashFilm, AICN, ComingSoon and IMPAwards)

Monsters Vs. Aliens Posters

I don’t know much about Monsters Vs. Aliens, but from what I can tell from the posters it will be filled with strange creatures. Which are probably monsters and aliens. I have no idea which is which though.

Also, this blue blob (called bob) will be one of the main characters, after all it’s the only who appears in more than one poster version. Peculiar choice for protagonist, but hey, could work!

More disappointing is the fact that the posters show exactly zero cool fights between monsters and aliens. Hopefully the actual film will deliver on that front.

(Via and IMPAwards)