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Up and Up We Go

This poster for Up is the the logical evolution of the first, cleaner poster. Gone is some of the grace that earlier image, but in exchange we get a better look at the characters that we will be accompanying in this voyage.

The poster campaign for Wall-E worked just with two characters and a small group of sets and objects. In fact most of the posters were just Wall-E. And yet, they managed to create a plethora of posters, each hitting slightly different emotional notes.

I don’t think Up has a character as expressive as Wall-E, or at least I haven’t seen it yet. It also strikes me as a less emotionally ambitious film. And considering the past Pixar campaigns I think this second poster shows pretty much all of the elements they are planning on using in the posters for the film. So there is a chance we will see a much more subdued poster campaign, with just a few key images and a much straighter sell.

Which is all fine and dandy. But as a poster lover I would like to be proved wrong. The Wall-E campaign was the gift that kept on giving, even after the film was released in the U.S. we were still getting some cool posters. Something like that will always be appreciated.

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Coraline From A to Z

26 Letters. 26 sites. 26 Posters. That is a lot of posters. And a lot of sites. Luckily IMPAwards has collected them all in one place, making things much easier for us all.

With 26 posters being released at once it will be no surprise that most of them aren’t particularly remarkable. But the effect of seeing them all one after another is pretty strong. Each poster hints at one aspect of this magical world the film will show us, and by the 26th I found myself quite intrigued by all the strange things that are apparently happening in it.

Adding that to the novelty of all these posters being shown in all these sites and I’m willing to say this marketing effort is a success.

Coraline Posters

This is a theme in this site, but it really is often much easier to catch the attention by teasing that there is something wonderful just outside our view…

..then it is to actually show this wonderful thing and keep people interested.

I still very much want to see the film though.

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Up Poster

Up Poster

I’m not sure who should get credit for it, but the posters for Pixar’s films have been almost always excellent. The poster campaign for Wall-E was one of my favorites of this year so far, and from the look of things UP will be one of my favorites next year.

What I love about this poster is the boldness of its simplicity. It’s mostly just a big, blue sky with some clouds. And that is more than enough to transmit a sense of adventure and wonder that one hardly ever gets from a poster. The fact that the house and the balloons look so little against it ads greatly to the effect. Just beautiful.

And yes, just the idea of a house traveling around the sky is itself quite entertaining.

I’m already looking forward to the film. And to the next poster.

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Fear(s) of the Dark Poster

Fear(s) of the Dark

“it’s your typical French animated … horror … anthology. In black & white.”

That’s how Scott Weinberg describes Fear(s) of the Dark over at Cinematical. Seems quite intriguing.

The poster, on the other hand, is kind of dull. It does look like a poster for a french animated horror anthology in black and white, but it’s the most boring non-remarkable version of a poster for that film. Way too much space used for the title, not enough showcasing the (supposedly) compelling imagery of the flick or the general premise.

This is a recurrent complaint of mine. Safe mainstream posters for film that are weird, different and that have very little chance of actually being interesting for a broader audience. Why not go out on a limb more?

Of course, sometimes we also get posters that try too hard to make the film seem different and special when something a little more polished and mainstream could have been just perfect. But nobody ever said this poster business was easy.

New Clone Wars Posters

It’s obvious that these posters for Clone Wars are trying quite hard to look like classic Star Wars posters. And to some extent they are successful. The connection is obvious and the style immediately recognizable.

But for me that just makes it even more painfully clear that this isn’t a real Star Wars movie. The similar styles force me to compare the cartoonish look with the usual Star Wars visuals, and quite frankly the visuals of the animation don’t really measure up.

Perhaps I’m just biased against the posters for this film because I really don’t like the whole idea of releasing this hybrid movie/series thing. But these feel like mere shadows of something great.

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Wall-E Does Funny

Wall-E Poster

Well, the Russians got a bunch of posters depicting Wall-E’s romantic side. Meanwhile we get another bunch of posters, this time showing Wall-E’s physical comedy chops. Is there anything the guy can’t do?

The comparison between the two sets of posters is enough to make the campaign look schizophrenic, but I can’t really complain because every individual poster is so good. These latest ones manage to be incredibly funny and at the same time very, very sweet. Wall-E is obviously a marvelous character and that comes through loud and clear.

Much as it happened with The Dark Knight I imagine I won’t be very excited to see any more posters for this movie, simply because there have been so many already. But these still got to me.

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Wall-E PosterWall-E PosterWall-E Poster