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And the Prize for Most Improved Poster Goes to….

I’m not saying this is a great poster, but it is much, much better than the last poster.

The new poster at least shows some humor and creativity in the attempt to convey and sell the movie’s premise. Also: basic skills in the use of colors.

(Via IMPAwards)


Extract Teaser Poster

I guess this trend from a couple of years ago isn’t quite dead yet. Although this is a really painful turn for the genre.

I do have to wonder about the effectiveness of this. Sure, it might get a few giggles. It might get noticed. But it makes the movie appear juvenile and alienates a good part of the audience. And Mike Judge might be the guy behind Beavis and Butt-Head, but his films have generally been a lost smarter than what this poster would indicate.

Then again, the trailer does involve a scene where what the poster implies actually happens to a guy. So it’s not like it doesn’t fit the movie. But by focusing squarely on that, even on a teaser, they might be underselling the movie.

Hopefully the final poster will make a more broadly appealing sell for the movie.

(Via HitFix and IMPAwards)

Taking Woodstock Poster

Is it possible to get an acid trip just from looking at a poster?

It’s almost impossible to read anything on this poster, with the exception of the title. And even that is a little hard on the eyes. So you might not get the tagline “A Generation Began in His Backyard”. You might not notice that this is a movie directed by Ang Lee. And you almost certainly can’t tell who is in the cast.

On the other hand, you don’t need to read anything to understand the particular moment in history this film takes place on, or its general subject.

But I think the poster ends up being too psychedelic. I kind of love the general look, but this actually seems like a very accessible comedy with some “nostalgia” potential for those of us who spent our life hearing and reading about Woodstock. The poster, on the other hand, seems to telegraph something much more niche, geared towards the hardcore 60’s lovers.

The trailer is, helpfully, much more didactic.

Bonus: The Psychedelic Poster Art of Wes Wilson


My Life in Ruins Poster

Andre James from Row Three alerted me to this poster for My Life in Ruins and to the visual resemblance it has with this poster we saw not long ago for Mamma Mia!

Initially I thought that maybe the poster for My Life in Ruins was somehow referencing or parodying the Mamma Mia! one. But looking at the movie’s story and at the poster I’m just not seeing it. So that leaves me with the explanation that both films are set in Greece and both happened to choose pretty much the same typical Greek background.

But considering that to be the case, didn’t the people behind the My Life in Ruins one see the poster campaign for Mamma Mia! ? That film was pretty popular, so it seems like that would be hard to escape.

But if they did notice the resemblance, why wasn’t this version of the poster junked? Honestly the comparison is not kind to the newer poster. Did they think people wouldn’t notice? Did they think they wouldn’t care?

Very puzzling.

Observe and Then Observe Some More

Fact: Knocked Up’s main poster was a big close-up of Rogen’s head. That movie earned over $148 million dollars domestically.

Fact: Pineapple Express had a poster that was a big close-up of Rogen’s head, but also had several other equally important posters including many featuring James Franco. That movie earned over $87 million dollars domestically.

Fact: Observe and Report already has TWO posters with big close-ups of Rogen’s head. That movie will earn a gazillion dollars domestic.

It’s just science, you can’t argue with it.

(Via IMPAwards)