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Two Nights at the Museum

I guess since we have all seen the first movie the weird inhabitants of the museum have no reason to hide anymore, either from us or from Ben. Which is kind of unfortunate because a lot of the magic of the first poster had to do with getting a glimpse of this world of wonders lurking just under the surface of a normal museum. With all of them there front and center the effect is much diminished. Not to mention that the poster ends up looking a lot like one of those posters for the annual every-movie-under-the-sun spoofs.

Also making this poster worst than the ones for the original: that damn smirk on Ben’s face.

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The 50’s Ain’t What They Used to Be

I love 50’s style sci-fi posters. Especially the ones about invasions from out of space. This, for example, is great. And the idea of trying to use the style to create a poster for a film that as a bit of a parody of those movies is awesome.

But this is not a good poster. It wouldn’t have worked as a serious poster back them and doesn’t work as a spoof poster now. too much stuff, very little of it actually memorable.

Sigh. I guess I’ll have to stick to the originals.

Madea Goes to The Same Place as Ever

So we went from this…

Madea Goes to Jail Poster

…to these.

Hard to see much of a theme, a consistent mood or really anything that would make all these seem like they are for the same movie.

Then again maybe the theme is Tyler Perry. As KamikazeKamel has pointed out before it’s sort of a tradition of Tyler Perry movies to have really interesting teaser posters and then very broad main posters with Madea’s face splashed all over them.

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Land of the Lost Poster

There are a few things about this poster that confuse me.

First, the poster seems to position Land of the Lost as a pretty straight fantasy/adventure. However, both the film and the poster star Will Ferrell, who isn’t exactly known for playing it straight. So, is this a more serious turn for Will? Or is it a more comedic interpretation of the concept?

The second thing is that the poster has a very retro look, both in the contents of the image and in its style. Even the title is reminiscent of the original (and rather old) Land of the Lost. These might mean that the new film embraces it’s roots and updates the original while still maintaining it’s overall feel. But I find it hard to believe they actually went in that direction, especially considering the star.

So basically the poster is telling me this is a reasonably serious fantasy/adventure with a retro look and lots of love for the original, but my prejudices don’t really let me believe that is what the film will actually be. I hope my prejudices are wrong, because that sounds like a movie I might want o watch.

Confusions aside let me just say that I quite like the look of the poster, but the boat and its passengers feel a little out of place. They are both too real and too silly to fit in with the background.

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Madea Goes to Jail Poster

Madea Goes to Jail Poster

The posters for Tyler Perry’s movies are one of this site’s obsessions. So I just have to post the latest one.

But even if I didn’t have to, I would do it anyway. Keeping with the tradition this early poster is beautiful and restrained, and feels and looks different from most of the other posters you are likely to see nowadays. Also, I’m a sucker for smoke effects.

That said, this is sort of an oddly dark poster. Tyler Perry’s brand basically means two things for me: humor and heart-warming sentimentality (and I mean that in the best way possible). This seems to lack both of those elements, and I wonder if this is a reflection of the movie’s tone or just a reflection of an over eager attempt to keep the poster clean and sophisticated.

Still, great to look at.

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Hotel For Dogs Posters

I think the time has come for me to opine on the Hotel for Dogs poster campaign. And I have to say, it has been heavy on the dogs, not so much on the hotel part until this last one.

Honestly, the movie is about dogs doing funny things (or at least wearing funny things, which is really the same thing). So they have a bunch of posters of dogs doing funny things. Obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less right. Likewise, the poster for Beverly Hills Chihuahua was probably one of the best posters we had this year in terms of selling the movie to the target audience. It was an easy sell, for sure, but that’s not the fault of the poster designers who made the best of it.

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Something Movie # 123686

Dance Flick

About this poster, the IMP says:

Kind of surprising that they would fashion the poster after the 2001 film Save the Last Dance. (Most recent spoof films seem to try focusing only on things that happened in the last week.)

It does seem surprising at first glance, but thinking about it some more maybe it isn’t. After all, how many dance flicks are there? I mean, this really is scrapping the genre barrel. Maybe they tried to do something referencing recent movies. When they couldn’t come up with enough stuff to fill the poster they typed “dance” in the IMDB search and lo and behold we have a spoof of Save the Last Dance on the poster.

The light on the end of the tunnel of all this is that we must be coming to the end of our current spoof movie cycle, right? I mean, they are spoofing dance flicks. Dance flicks! What’s next? Period Movie? That one will be a barrel of laughs.

Of course, they could get the Wayans, David Zucker, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer together and make Spoof Flick, a movie spoofing movies spoofing movie genres. And then the universe would collapse into itself.