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Even More Batman

The Dark Knight Poster

Yes, that’s right, more posters for The Dark Knight. Too much? Perhaps, but at least it’s too much of a good thing.

The first new poster can be seen above, and it showcases Batman in his Batcycle. Like the poster from last week the idea seems to be to show that the movie has lots of action and that Batman is a badass in it. It’s nice, but not as iconic or rich with subtext as the last poster was.

The Dark Knight PosterThe Dark Knight PosterThe Dark Knight Poster

The other new posters are much more interesting. They each feature one of the three main characters of the film holding his symbol of choice, which covers about half of the character’s face.

If the face covering happened just on the poster for Harvey Dent it would be an obvious allusion to his transformation into Two-Face. But having the other characters cover part of their faces too makes things a little more complicated, and a little more intriguing too. Are the posters trying to tell us that all of them have more than one face? That they all have some part of them that is hidden? Maybe. Maybe this is just a way to say that Two-Face is an important character. Maybe they just felt it would make for a cool effect when you saw all the three together.

Either way, it works. Like so many of the posters from this film they use the iconic characters o create iconic images, but it also give us something to chew on, slowly deepening or understanding of the characters and the story, without ever telling too much.

Brilliant. Like I said, perhaps too much brilliance. At some point you find hard to care about yet another new poster no matter how cool it is. But that doesn’t make any individual poster any less amazing.

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The Dark Knight Poster


Wanted Movie Posters

If I was to make a list of the 10 summer films most likely to be box office disappointments I think Wanted would easily secure a spot. Nothing I have seen from the marketing for this film so far has made it look like more than a generic action film featuring guns and Angelina Jolie. Where is the uniqueness? The broad appeal?

Take, for example, this NY Comic Con poster released last week.

Wanted Poster

Jame McAvoy holding two guns, a heavily tattooed Angelina holding another and little else. And the two characters aren’t even interacting any any way with one another.

Today we have another Wanted poster, via AICN, and it’s a little bit better.

Wanted Poster

This is very similar to the Angelina Jolie portion of the last poster, but now it’s in black and white, her eyes are closed and she is leaning against the gun. These little differences amount to a huge improvement. First because the more simple poster ends up resulting in a much more memorable image. Second because Jolie’s expression seems to convey some inner turmoil or at least some sort of contemplation. This adds an appealing emotional layer to the poster which makes it much more gripping.

But it’s still a very generic looking action movie image. They are going to have to do better than this.

The Latest The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight Poster

There were only a couple of things I didn’t like about Batman Begins. Unfortunately the posters were one of them. Those dull, brown posters.

The Dark Knight is doing much, much better poster-wise. In part because they substituted the brown with a cool blue tone. But more importantly because they have shown tons of creativity in creating memorable, unique images that use the characters very well and expand our understanding of them.

This latest isn’t my favorite, by far, but it maintains the general high quality of the campaign. The bat sign burned into a building is pretty striking, and the associated destruction, together with the tagline, raises the stakes. The image makes the problems that Batman will face seem much more dire.

But the bat man himself doesn’t look like he is scared by that. In fact he looks more than a little pissed and totally ready to take on the bad guys.

This poster is less character centric then most of the previous ones, in large part because the burning bat sign is so attention grabbing. That is probably part of why I don’t really love it as I loved some of the others. But it is just one poster in a campaign that has had a lot of them, and I think it serves a useful purpose by giving the audience a fresh piece of marketing to chew on and by making the movie seem a little bigger and more action packed. So another job well done.

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NY Comic Con Hellboy 2 Poster

NY Comic Con Hellboy 2 Poster

So, first things first. This poster for Hellboy, drawn by the legendary Drew Struzan, was made exclusively for the New York Comic Con. So it’s a “for the geeks only” kind of thing, and the final poster is probably going to be very different. Which is too bad, because this is pretty great and I think something like it could have worked fine with a broader audience.

It’s not, however, an unusual thing. Special posters are done for these types of events all the time. Struzan himself illustrated a poster for The Mist that was used to promote the film during last year’s Comic Con.

Going back to the poster itself, what I find great about it, besides the always amazing Drew Struzan artwork, is that it has an epic adventure feel that I think is often missing from the Hellboy marketing and, to be fair, was missing from the first movie as well. Now, I actually liked Hellboy, but it was as smaller and more intimate super-hero movie. Which is fine, but not likely to sell a ton of tickets, unless you are dealing with something as pre-sold as X-Men.

I get the feeling that now that they introduced the characters in the first movie they are going to go with something bigger in the second film. But that hasn’t always come across well in what we have see from the movie so far. But it does in this poster. It makes the film seem exciting in a way that nothing else I have seen for it so far did.

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New The Spirit Teaser Poster

New The Spirit Teaser Poster

Ok, now this is a teaser poster.

As you might recall I was a little surprised with the first few Spirit posters because they were visually underwhelming and I was expecting something stunning, like the kind of thing we got from 300 and Sin City. Not that the posters were bad exactly, but they did use a subtle approach that is dangerous considering that this is a film without big stars and about a character that isn’t exactly famous anymore.

And yes, I know those were teaser posters and they shouldn’t show too much, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be trying to make a strong impression.

This new poster, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of thing I was expecting. It’s very reminiscent of the posters for Sin City, but even more stylized and closer to looking just like a comic book. It still doesn’t reveal much about the story, the characters or even about what the movie is going to look like. But it does give us a better idea about those things and is most definitely an eye catcher.

And the way it integrates the “My City Screams” catchphrase into the image? Just brilliant. You can bet people looking at the poster won’t forget it so soon.

I think I like this more than I liked any of the Sin City posters. Those were great, but this takes that creativity and those visuals one step beyond.

Of course, the danger of this type of poster is that people might feel like they have seen something just like it before. As I mentioned in the last post, this is a problem I feared the campaign might run into. But this poster is so beautiful that I’m feeling more confident that this won’t be a big problem after all.

(Via AICN)

The Incredible Hulk Poster

The Incredible Hulk Poster

And just because I said nothing new was happening, IGN brings us a poster for The Hulk.

Over at Slashfilm Hunter Stephenson says that he likes the poster but thinks it is not good enough considering that this is the second go around for The Hulk. I think I’m less positive about the poster than he is, but the basic point strikes me as right.

Before Ang Lee’s film there was a lot of excitement about seeing The Hulk in the big screen. And even tough the infamous Super Bowl spot made a lot of people skittish, the movie still opened to a very healthy $62 million.

And then it dropped fast.

The excitement that was there the first time isn’t there anymore. Add to that the somewhat weird concept of a reboot so close to the last one, a summer that is filled with much more high profile pics and the lack of a big star (sorry Ed) and you have a marketing problem in your hands.

I like the concept of the poster. Bruce Banner, the man, with the Hulk and all the destruction that he causes looming behind him. It’s a nice way to remind us that the character is deeper and more interesting than simply a green thing that smashes. There really is a man in there. And although stunning FX is important, it’s still the characters that really turn a movie into a blockbuster. Yes, even a comic book movie.

The execution leaves a little to be desired. To be fair, a big part of the problem is that The Hulk still doesn’t look right, and that is not the fault of the people that worked on the poster. But there are other issues. For example, the difference in size between Norton and Hulk looks weird, and the city in the background looks fake.

But the bigger problem is that the poster lacks a wow element that can make people forget about the last Hulk and get excited about this new version of the character. In the trailer the main selling point seemed to be the battle against the Abomination. Perhaps they could try to work that in a poster, although, to be honest, it failed to impress me in the trailer.


References, references.

In comments Jonas points out the similarity between this poster and a certain famous Spider-Man cover.

The Spirit Outdoor Posters

The Spirit PosterThe Spirit PosterThe Spirit Poster
(click for larger versions)

Over the last few years we had two films, Sin City and 300, sold largely on some stunning imagery which was deeply based on the works of Frank Miller. Both marketing efforts were a success (300 much more so, but still) so I think there was never any question that the posters for Spirit, directed by the man himself, would also showcase Miller’s recognizable style. But I did wonder how close they would be to what we had seen for Sin City and 300 and whether it would feel slightly tired after those films.

Well, if these posters are any indication the artwork will be much closer to Frank Miller’s work than we have seen before. It really does look a lot like a Miller illustration, perhaps it even is one. And because of that it does seem like there isn’t much of a chance of the campaign looking like anything that came before.

On the other hand, the images that these posters create are much more subdued then the images for Sin City or 300. Both because of what is being shown, mostly shadows with just a silhouette of The Spirit, and because it looks like an illustration (is an illustration? I can’t tell for sure). A big part of the wow factor in the Sin City and 300 posters was seeing those strong cartoonish images transformed into a live action shot. These posters don’t have that.

Now, I always enjoyed Miller’s work. And I like these posters just fine the way they are. They set a dark mood and introduce the Spirit as a mysterious but intriguing figure. I even find the interaction between the three posters clever, even tough the last one mostly works fine on its own.

But I did expect to see some more striking imagery, something that could carry the film, from a marketing stand point, on it’s own by essentially saying “you have to see this.” The Spirit isn’t exactly a well known character nowadays, so I thought they would be using the visuals to make the movie relevant to today’s audiences. But apparently the sell will be much more character and mood heavy than I expected.

Which is great, if it works.

I’m very curious to see what the trailer for this will look like.

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