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The Bank Job Movie Poster

Bank Job Poster
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This poster for The Bank Job really goes for an old fashioned 70’s look. But unlike some recent posters, like the ones for Grindhouse, which took some conventions from older posters but added a definitely modern twist, this one really seems to be interested in looking authentic. It even has some discoloring which makes the poster look a bit old and weathered.

The most obvious reason for going with this design is to hint at the fact that this is a period movie (the film takes place in 1971) but there are a couple of other interesting reasons. The first is that it should make the poster standout from it’s more contemporary looking counterparts in the theater lobby. Another possible one is that they might have wanted people to be reminded of the great 70’s thrillers and to associate this film with those classics.

It kind of worked on me. The poster makes me feel nostalgic and got me to link in my mind the movie with several other films that I really like. But I do have some misgivings about it. The main one is that I think the poster might be too authentic for it’s own good. I can’t imagine it will have quite the same nostalgic effect on younger movie goers who aren’t big film buffs. And even older folks might be a little turned off by the utter antiqueness of it.

I wonder if part of my problem isn’t the the film (and the poster) star Jason Statham. I noticed him before I even really registered the look of the poster, and the two things clashed in my mind. I just associate Jason with very modern, very loud thrillers. Even tough the poster won me over after a while there is still a lingering feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Anyway, I hope I’m wrong and that the poster does appeal to a broad audience. The movie’s premise (a spectacular bank heist based on a true story, if that wasn’t obvious) certainly is broadly appealing. Maybe a success here could lead to some more compelling earnest recreation of old movie poster styles.

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The Air I Breath Poster

The Air I Breath Poster

There are a few things about this poster that I like. It shows that this is an ensemble piece without filling the whole image with the actors. It conveys that this is a crime related story through the silhouette of the gun. And the combination of the sky and the butterfly vaguely points to the more philosophical and transcendental aspirations of the movie. It’s not stunning or groundbreaking, but overall it is a nice effort that makes a movie with a hard to explain storyline (check the IMDb synopsis to see what I mean) seem unique and interesting.

I found it amusing to compare this poster to the previous poster for The Air I Breath, which you can see below. The old poster had a more traditional design, showing the various actors, each one in their own stripe. It does mix things enough to make it striking tough, especially through the use of stripes of seemly randomly varied sizes, creating an effect that is quiet nice to look at. But the poster doesn’t give us almost any information about the type and tone of the movie. Now, it’s possible that the new poster is a bit misleading, but it gives a much clearer picture of what the film might be about.

The Air I Breath Poster 2

Just as an aside, this is the second movie poster featuring a butterfly prominently released recently. The other one was the one below, for Johnnie To’s Linger. I wonder if there is some especial significance to the butterfly that I don’t know about?

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Linger Poster

The Oxford Murders Poster

The Oxford Murders Poster

If you have a film that takes place in a prestigious university and that involves the use of mathematical symbols in order to solve murders, I think you can do a lot worse than using the imagery of a blackboard filled with mathematical mumbo jumbo and splattered with blood. The blood splatter in this poster looks particularly fake, but besides that I think it’s a decent execution of the concept.

This is not a terribly memorable poster, and it’s no likely to win any awards. But it does get the point across.

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New No Country for Old Men Movie Posters

No Country for Old Men Poster

“There are no cleans getaways”,”There are no laws left”,”You can’t stop what’s coming”. Well, I feel depressed already.

All kidding aside, I think that these new posters/banners/thingies for No Country for Old Men are quite interesting. They are kind of character posters where the most recognizable characteristic of each character, the face, doesn’t appear. And yet each poster manages to maintain it’s own identity.

The posters also reaffirms the dark tone of the picture and the bareness and desolation of the setting. They also reinforces the action elements of the film by having guns show prominently in each image. These elements aren’t going to be for everybody, but I like them and I think they give the movie a clear identity of it’s own.

So yeah, very interesting.

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No Country for Old Men Poster 2No Country for Old Men Poster 3

Exodus Poster

Exodus Poster 1

I think this needs some explanation. Exodus is the new film from director Ho-Cheung Pang. It’s supposedly a crime story with some comedy and it involves a policeman the catches a guy peeping into a ladies bathroom. The peeping tom claims that the women are arranging a plot to get rid of all the men, and when the guy dies the policeman decides to investigate further. So you see, the poster makes perfect sense.

But even if it didn’t make any sense I think I would still love it. The photo of the bathroom door, with just a little bit of the actual bathroom showing, is by itself quite distinctive and beautiful, in a way. I love the contrast between the white of the door and the red of the bathroom, and I think that the red adds a sense of danger to the image. It just feels slightly wrong in a way that is unsettling.

But the sign is what really gives the poster it’s character. It’s funny, but in a very dark humor kind of way.

Very Interesting poster. After the jump there are two other, no quite as good posters for the film.

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Eastern Promises Poster

Eastern Promises Poster
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You know, I understand the urge to add the image strip towards the bottom of the poster with the faces of Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts. After all, if you are paying good money for two somewhat known actors you might as well plaster their faces all over the marketing materials, right? But I think in this case the strip ends up breaking what is an otherwise excellent poster design.

I like pretty much everything else. The dark color scheme with a few dashes of red is a classic, and it still works. The heavily tattooed hands make for an interesting and memorable centerpiece image. The tagline is intriguing and the poster adequately highlights that this is a David Cronenberg movie. Simple, but striking. However, the strip doesn’t really fit with those elements. Also, this kind of strip with the faces of the main characters has become so common in the art for thrillers that it ends up robing the poster from some of its uniqueness.

So, it could have been better, very easily. I still sort of like the poster tough.

No Country for Old Men Poster

No Country for Old Men Poster

My impression is that No Country for Old Men will be significantly darker and more serious than most Coen’s movies. The poster seems to confirm that impression.

It’s a simple poster really. A man holding a shotgun running through some desolated landscape, with Javier Bardem’s menacing eyes looming behind him. But it does a good job of setting up the movie’s theme and setting. It also gives us a good idea of the atmosphere we can expect, mostly though the use of very dark colors.

Not an amazing poster, but certainly a decent one.