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Gone Baby Gone Poster

Gone Baby Gone Poster

There are two main elements to this poster. The first is the city, represented by the skyline. I’m guessing that people how know Boston will find it easily recognizable, but I don’t know Boston so I could very well be wrong. Still, it gives us a good feeling of the place where the movie takes place.

The second element is Casey Affleck, hunched over, holding a gun close to his body and with his back to us. He seems distraught, as if he is carrying a huge weight in his shoulder.

The poster reinforces the impression that I got from the trailer that Casey Affleck’s character was going to be truly central to the movie. The fact the he is the only one that appears in the poster, even tough there are other supporting actors that are more famous than him, is quite surprising. As is the fact that his brother Ben, who directed and wrote the flick, doesn’t get his name more prominently placed in the poster. Apparently all that weight in Casey’s shoulders comes from not only having to carry the movie, but also the movie’s marketing.

Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Well, this film is opening next Friday, so I guess I should say something about it. Not sure what tough, I’m so not the intended audience for this film it’s not even funny.

It’s certainly a slick looking poster, and a nice showcases for the star, which might appeal to the pre-teen girl demographic. It does have a very outdated feel tough, as if it was something out of the 50’s. I wish there were some modern elements in there to spice it up.

Then again this outdated feel might be exactly what Nancy Drew is all about. I have no idea.

I Know Who Killed Me Poster

I Know Who Killed Me Poster

I’m guessing that the blue rose, which also appears on one of the publicly released photos, is somehow important for the plot. It also makes for a very memorable and striking image. And the little blood drop in the bottom is a subtle but smart reference to the topic of the movie.

All that said, this movie will probably be sold on the “Lyndsay Lohan as a stripper” hook. So I’m guessing the poster, which doesn’t even hint at that, won’t matter much. It is still a nice poster tough.


First American Gangster Posters

American Gangster Poster 1American Gangster Poster 2

Nice posters. Very classy. Very stylish. Very dark. The choice of cutting the stars’ head in half is a little odd, but you can still tell who those people are, so I guess it’s okay.

However, I do think that the Denzel Washington one has a little too much black and not enough white. The lack of contrast makes the poster stand out less. The Russell Crowe one, on the other hand, grabs your attention immediately.

American Gangster only opens on November 2nd, so we should still see some other posters for it coming out. But so far so good.



Fracture Movie Poster

This is a typical poster for a thriller. Dark, two floating heads, white and red letters. All very, very common for this type of film.

Fracture Movie Poster (2)

This second poster is a little different, and it caused some problems. Some people in Boston, including anti domestic violence groups, were upset with the poster and called for it to be taken down.

I find it hard to believe that a poster could lead to more violence because it says “I Shot My Wife”, but apparently these people feel differently.

Disturbia Poster

Disturbia Poster

As it has been mentioned elsewhere, this poster is very reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. As is, in fact, the whole premise of the movie. I don’t think that is such a good idea, from a marketing standpoint. People don’t want to go see something that seems like a cheap knock off of a great movie.

What the poster should try to do is sell why this movie is unique. Perhaps highlight that it’s set in the suburbs? Or some other distinctive element.

As it is now this looks like the poster for a movie you might watch on the DVD on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not something you would go to the theaters to see.

The Lookout Poster

The Lookout Poster

I can’t talk about this poster without mention this interview in which director Scott Frank talks about how he hates the trailer and the poster for the movie because they misrepresent the kind of movie this is. So that is a big problem with the poster right there.

The poster in itself, when considered outside of the movie, is actually pretty nice. This kind of layout, with various boxes, each one containing one character, is pretty cliched. Especially when it comes to crime thrillers. But it works well enough here. Not a great or very original poster, but a solid, nice looking one.

But misrepresenting what audiences will get one they actually go to the theater is a big, big sin. Bad Poster!

The Lookout opens this Friday.