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The Hoax Poster

The Hoax Poster

Do I like this poster? I do, at least in part. It puts Richard Gere front and center, and uses the clever talking balloon design to indicate that the movie is all about the Gere character talking and being slick. Considering the rest of the advertising, I think this is what they were trying to emphasize about the movie.

Now, Richard Gere talking isn’t a concept that is likely to get that many people into the theaters. But that is not the posters fault, it’s just that the movie lacks a broad, sellable premise. Which is no sin by the way. We have had way too many movies created on the basis of simple, four-quadrant hitting premises lately.


Away from Her Poster

Away from Her Poster

Here is a poster the once again proves that not all characters on a white background posters are created equal.

I like the way the characters are positioned and the way they interact. And I think the lighting, hair, make-up and wardrobe give the poster a very classic and dignified look. But what I really appreciate in the poster is how the woman (Fiona, played by Julie Christie) is disappearing, a subtle reference to the fact that the character suffers from Alzheimer’s.

This movie is the first directorial effort from actress Sarah Polley, and it is about how the two main characters depicted in the poster deal with Fiona losing her memory due to Alzheimer’s. I haven’t seen the film, but this seems to me like a poster that really complements the movie and informs us about it’s tone. Very good.

(Source: Cinematical)

Pride Poster

Pride Poster (Blue)

I really hate this poster. Why? Mostly because it’s ugly. The whole stylised blue waves surrounding the faces of the cast makes for an unseemly contrast. And the blue waves themselves don’t really work. They feel weird, out of place, like they belong in a surfer movie.

Also, the poster does little to make you interested in the movie. It doesn’t give us any sense of what the relationship between the characters is. It doesn’t give you any idea as to why you should care about them or about what they will have to go thorough. It basically tells you nothing.

And why is Terrence Howard the only one laughing? It makes no sense.

Now, this poster is much better:

Pride Poster

Still a little too bland for my tastes, but it has several good characteristics. It evokes the period the movies takes place in. The positions of the characters hint at their relationships. And their postures and looks tell us these are people that are serious about what they are doing and who are maybe facing difficulties in order to do it. I think that evoking the period is especially important since the movie seems to also focus a lot on this aspect.

So, not great, but definitely not fake wavy things ugly.

Reign Over Me Poster

Reign Over Me Poster

Oh, I love this poster, so so beautiful.

We get the usual characters interacting stuff. Which is important. It let’s us see that Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle are in it, and that their relationship is central to the movie. But the characters are unusually small and most of the poster is taken by the background.

And what brilliant background it is. Although it doesn’t resort to using any clear landmarks, it is obviously meant to evoke New York City, which is relevant since the movie deals with the aftermath of a loss occurred in 9/11. The city, and the tragedy, loom over the characters. It’s in the background, and doesn’t call attention to itself, but it is undeniably there. Subtle, touching and effective.

And the use of color (or lack of color) is also great. Not only it looks good, but it also portrays the sadness that the characters must be dealing with, while still pointing to the possibility of happier times. There is light (and color) in the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

I can only hope the movie is as subtle, appropriate and touching.