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A Walk Down Memory Lane

This weekend I ended up watching a fair chunk of Krull, which reminded me of just how much I liked this one back when I was a child. A truly under appreciated gem of a fantasy movie if you ask me.

The posters, unfortunately, aren’t anything to write home about. Typical and uninspired eighties fair and one of a million posters for a sci-fi/fantasy movie menacingly showcasing a planet seen from space. The sheer inventiveness and wonder of the movie aren’t really captured in any of them.

But I’m feeling nostalgic enough to make me post the anyway.

(Posters via IMPAwards)


Separated at Birth: Inkheart and Bedtime Stories

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Two films about fantastic stories that come to life? Oh, it’s on. Although since one film has Adam Sandler and the backing of Disney and the other has Brendan Fraser I’m guessing it won’t be much of a fight.

I do think the design in general and the fantastic images in particular of the Inkheart poster are more interesting than those of the Bedtime Stories poster. But Bedtime is more clearly focused on appealing to kids, they are obviously chasing the young kids/families demographic. The target demographic for Inkheart is a bit less clear, but I think they might be trying to reach more teenagers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t think it will be very successful at that.

(Via Yahoo! Movies and IMPAwards)

Burn After Twilight

Today we have two sets of character posters.

First, it’s the motley crew from Burn After Reading, appearing in some stylish posters with a light touch. Frances and George sure can open their eyes wide.

All of the BAR posters use the same frame, which strikes em as being at the same time interesting a and a bit of a waste. I wish we at least got a different tagline for each.

Then we have the Italian character posters for Twilight, which are much, much more serious and somber. I guess that makes sense, after all, hardly anyone is ever quite as serious and somber as a serious and somber teenager.

Nothing earth shattering in these posters, but they seem to know who the audience for the respective films are and should add to the campaigns’ effectiveness nicely.

(Via BadTaste, Kinopoisk and IMPAwards)

Japanese Dragonball Poster

Japanese Dragonball Poster

Let me make a confession: I used to be a Dragonball fan. Really, really liked the show. And back on those old days I used to drool at the thought of a Dragonball movie.

But the years have passed, my tastes have changed and boy is this looking like a bad idea now. Looking being the important word. The movie, from all I have seen, simple looks wrong. It seems like they are trying to be somewhat faithful to the comic/animation, but I think that particular look just doesn’t work when translated to film. They needed to change things quite radically.

Many recent comic book movies have understood that what works on a drawing (moving or otherwise) doesn’t always work on a live action movie. So the X-Men all use the same black uniform and Batman uses dark suit that actually looks like a decent armor. When transitioning these characters to the movies the choice was made to make things a little less colorful and more real. The resulting movies weren’t great just because of that, of course, but it helped.

Maybe I’m wrong about how the film looks. I would love for that to be the case. But this poster isn’t giving me any new hope.

And even if the look worked on film, Just Chatwin as Goku is just all kinds of wrong.

As for the poster itself, it’s pretty fine. It’s early and they don’t want to show too much. So they go with the iconic character, but only show him from the back. Add some other gripping visual element (the dragonball) and a recognizable scenery (the middle of nowhere) and you have yourself a nice little teaser poster. Original? Hardly, but it works.

Or it would, if had some decent graphic elements to work with.

(Via DbTheMovie, thanks to Ines for pointing it out to me)

Conan Then

The above poster for the very first Conan has become sort of a cult item, and it’s remarkable for being pretty consistent with much of the artwork done for the Conan character over the years. Still, considering the sheer amount of pulpy goodness associated with character (just check the covers for Savage Sword of Conan) I think they could have done better.

But the poster is still miles better than what we got for the next film.

The second film was a lot less successful than the first. Coincidence? Mostly, yeah, but I’m sure the poster didn’t help.

Conan Poster

Conan Poster

This poster made me realize just how much I associate Conan with the Governator. The image doesn’t show Conan’s head (as far as I know the actor hasn’t been cast yet) but just by seeing the body and the sword I immediately imagine Schwarzenegger’s head on top of it.

The funny thing is that I’m familiar with with the Robert E. Howard Conan stories, and I probably associate the character mos strongly with the black and white Savage Sword of Conan comic books. So when I imagine the Conan character I don’t necessarily think Arnold immediately. And yet, when it comes to movies…

This poster seems to indicate that they intend to go with someone of Schwarzenegger’s build for the next Conan. That’s their choice, and I understand it. I guess that for most people Arnold is Conan, and they want to make this seem like a continuation of the early movies. If they chose someone less musclebound it might not seem like the same character.

But the comparisons are going to be something they might have some trouble dealing with. Say what you want about Arnold’s acting skills, but the guy obviously had (and has) charisma in spades. Matching that and the build is a lot to ask.

(Via IMPAwards)