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OneChanbara and Jack Brooks


Zombies are awesome. Cowgirl in a bikini? Also awesome. Samurai swords? Even more awesome. So a poster for a movie that combines all those things has to be almost incomprehensibly awesome, right?


As you can see above, that poster turns out to be rather dull. That image would probably make for a fine cover photo for Maxim or some other magazine like that, but as a movie poster it fails utterly. Where is the action? Where is the excitement? Where is the attitude? Where is the fun? Where is the camp?

And where are the heck are the zombies?

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Poster

If what you are looking for is trashy fun, I think that this poster for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer does a much better job of delivering it. Sure it features a ripped guy front and center, and opinions will vary on whether this is better or worse than a girl in a bikini. But aside from that the poster is just so much more entertaining. Our hero is lively and seems like he is on the middle of some fierce action and not like he is safely posing for a photo shoot. We get to see the fearsome monsters. We get an amusing tagline. And we get Robert Englund’s knowing face in a corner!

Even the title treatment is a lot more exciting.

Now, of course both these films are likely to have limited appeal (at least in the U.S., I dunno about Japan, maybe they love monster fighting ex-plumbers over there). But at least with the one for Jack Brooks you can see why someone might find this fun to watch. With the one from Onechanbara you are left explaining to your family and friend that no, you are not interested in this just because you have a fetish for Japanese woman. You are interested in it because you think it would be cool to see some zombie slaying. Well, and because of the fetish.

(Poster for OneChanbara from GameWatch, found via Twitch. Poster for Jack Brooks from IMPAwards)


New The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Poster

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Poster

So here we have the second poster for Prince Caspian, and it’s very consistent with the first poster. We have essentially the same colors and they are similarly distributed in the poster in a way that by itself would make the connection to the first poster obvious. Quite a strong unique visual identity they achieve just with that. We also have Caspian front and center once again.

What is different about this poster is that it packs a lot more in the background and around the edges, and as a whole is a lot more action oriented. Instead of Caspian with his arms crossed we have Caspian pointing his sword towards us. Instead of an army calmly marching in a corner we have a few soldiers trapped in a bridge that is being destroyed by ferocious and apparently magically controlled waves. Instead of Aslan quietly looking towards infinity we have …. well, Aslan quietly looking towards infinity. Man, nothing fazes that dude.

I like this poster for many of the same reasons that I liked the first poster. It reminds people of the first movie but also make this seem like a progression from that, especially by making it look like the action will be more intense and satisfying. And that is exactly what this film, which will already have a pretty huge built-in audience, needs. But I also feel that this poster is similar to the first to the point of making the earlier one pointless. This is not so much a different poster as it is a better version of that one.

(Via Ain’t It Cool News)

New Forbidden kingdom Character Posters

Forbidden kingdom Character Poster (Jackie Chan)
Forbidden kingdom Character Poster (Jet Li)

After the dreadful first poster there really wasn’t much way to go but up. But even considering that I’m still positively surprised by these posters for The Forbidden Kingdom. They give us a really good look at the main characters in the movie, and as it turns out each of them does have a very unique and memorable look. The use of a different bright color in each image helps to further differentiate between the characters. And all posters also include a very short textual description like “The Drunken Immortal” and “The Silent Monk.” These descriptions are in very small type, but the people that play close attention to the posters and notice them will get a better feel for what each character is about, so I think it’s a nice touch.

The posters also give us a a little taste of the hopefully amazing visuals and action we will see in the movie, mainly through the use of backgrounds and clothing, but also through the way the characters themselves are positioned. The poster featuring Li Bingbing in particular seems exciting to me as it does a good job of putting us in the middle of the action.

The posters are still missing some cool depictions of Jet Li and Jackie Chan together. But they are a huge improvement compared to what the campaign had been like so far.

(Via Yahoo! Movies)

Forbidden kingdom Character Poster (Li Bingbing)
Forbidden kingdom Character Poster (Lyu Yefey)
Forbidden kingdom Character Poster (Mangarano)

International 10,000 BC Posters

International 10,000 BC Poster 2

These new posters for 10,000 BC follow the basic formula of showing primitive men’s struggle against giant animals that we saw in the previous posters, but they do a much worse job of turning these struggles into iconic images. Outside from the poster which showcases predominantly the guy that I imagine is our fearless hero, each poster is mostly filled with the the attacking animal, with the guy being attacked relegated to the corners. They are kind of like character posters for the monsters.

So, not as good as the previous efforts. I think that the most interesting poster of the bunch is the one above, which showcases a threat we hadn’t seen in the posters before: the prehistoric carnivore chicken. I’m scared.

(From WorstPreviews, Via RowThree)

International 10,000 BC Poster 1
International 10,000 BC Poster 3
International 10,000 BC Poster 4

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Even tough some recent films have had very good success with it in limited releases, I think that the whole 3D movie experience still faces some resistance, especially among the slightly older movie going set. This has a lot to do with what happened the last time we were seeing a tide of 3D movies. Let’s just say that the technology and the movie’s themselves weren’t quite up to the task (remember Friday the 13th 3D?).

Considering that troubling history you would imagine that new 3D movies would stay away from any type of cheesiness that could remind people of the 3D movies of yore. And yet, here is the poster for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, it it is riddled with all types dairy products. We have the very splashy, very bright, very unrealistic colors. The not at all lifelike dinosaurs and monster plants. The from inside the jaws perspective. The title with the fake 3D letters. Brendan Fraser. And above all, the prominent placement that ‘3D’ gets in the image and in the title.

And yet, it’s a fun type of cheesy. The colors are fun, all the crazy creatures and visuals are fun and even Brendan Fraser looking all Indiana Jones like is kind of fun. And the film is obviously aimed at very young movie goers, who perhaps don’t have the prejudices that I and their parents have.

Still, I think this film will hit a little too early in this 3D renascence we are going through. If it’s release was a couple years from now when 3D films might be more mainstream it could be a monster hit. But in 2008? I don’t think so.

I wouldn’t be shocked if I was wrong tough. And I’m myself a little interested in seeing what the film will be like.

(Via Cinematical)

The Forbidden Kingdom Poster

The Forbidden Kingdom Poster

This poster for The Forbidden Kingdom is very forgettable. Some generic ancient Chinese imagery, four guys we can’t recognize with their backs to us, and a text that, even if it was interesting, is way too small to be read.

This film has, supposedly, two things going for it: some amazing visuals and, by far most importantly, the meeting of martial arts legends Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Any poster that fails to strongly play up this meeting is probably not going to be a good poster for this film. A poster the fails to play up both this meeting an the visuals is a total failure.

Hopefully we will see better posters before the film’s release.

(Via Cinematical)

Second 10,000 BC Poster

Second 10,000 BC Poster

I’m not sure I understand what is going on in this poster. Is there some kind of war going on down there? And if that is the case why is the dude fighting a sabertooth? Shouldn’t he be more worried about the fight below?

Confusion aside, this poster is very consistent with the previous poster, both in terms of it’s aesthetics and in terms of it’s content. Once again we see a primitive man with primitive weapons trying to overtake nature, which is represented in the form of a scary prehistoric animal.

I thought the other poster looked I little weird, which hampered it’s effectiveness. This one seems to have a much better execution of the concept. However, sabertooths are just not as scary as giant mammoths. Don’t get me wrong, they are scary enough. But the sheer size of the mammoth made the conflict with it seem so much more grandiose and the task of the prehistoric man so much more daunting. Which is a very long way of saying the mammoth was cooler.

I’m surprisingly interested in this movie, considering how little I liked previous Roland Emmerich films. So, good job marketing people! And damn you if the movie turns out to be as bad as past Emmerich efforts.

(Via IMPAwards)