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Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Poster

Even tough some recent films have had very good success with it in limited releases, I think that the whole 3D movie experience still faces some resistance, especially among the slightly older movie going set. This has a lot to do with what happened the last time we were seeing a tide of 3D movies. Let’s just say that the technology and the movie’s themselves weren’t quite up to the task (remember Friday the 13th 3D?).

Considering that troubling history you would imagine that new 3D movies would stay away from any type of cheesiness that could remind people of the 3D movies of yore. And yet, here is the poster for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, it it is riddled with all types dairy products. We have the very splashy, very bright, very unrealistic colors. The not at all lifelike dinosaurs and monster plants. The from inside the jaws perspective. The title with the fake 3D letters. Brendan Fraser. And above all, the prominent placement that ‘3D’ gets in the image and in the title.

And yet, it’s a fun type of cheesy. The colors are fun, all the crazy creatures and visuals are fun and even Brendan Fraser looking all Indiana Jones like is kind of fun. And the film is obviously aimed at very young movie goers, who perhaps don’t have the prejudices that I and their parents have.

Still, I think this film will hit a little too early in this 3D renascence we are going through. If it’s release was a couple years from now when 3D films might be more mainstream it could be a monster hit. But in 2008? I don’t think so.

I wouldn’t be shocked if I was wrong tough. And I’m myself a little interested in seeing what the film will be like.

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New Spiderwick Chronicles Posters

Spiderwick Chronicles Poster

This new Spiderwick Chronicles poster uses much of the image of the first poster, but adds some darker colors, a few little monsters and a beware sign. So, it basically turns what was a teaser poster that hinted at the possibility of magic and danger into a poster that shows us those things. It also does something else very important: it clearly places the movie as being for children.

Unlike The Golden Compass, I don’t think that Spiderwick wants to be a broad hit like Narnia or LotR which appeals to children, teenagers and adults. I’m sure that they would be happy if that was to happen, but they seem to be aiming for something much narrower: a movie that appeals to kids and that doesn’t scare the parents away. This is, after all, a Nickelodeon production.

With that goal in mind I think that the poster work just fine. The new elements, the beware sign, the monsters, are just the right amount of scary. Which is to say they aren’t scary enough to make the kids run away or to make the parents cautious about taking the little ones to the movie theater. I’m sure that at the same time they are likely to alienate older teens and childless adults, but like I said, I don’t think the marketing is really trying to get that crowd anyway.

The other new poster is below, and it showcases one of the creatures. It’s not bad, but it also doesn’t add much.

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Spiderwick Chronicles Poster

New The Water Horse Poster

The Water Horse Poster

This new poster for The Water Horse is less cutesy than the last one, and in part because of that I think it does a better job of appealing to the young ones without repelling the adults that will have to take them to see the film. The poster also more clearly positions the movie as a magical adventure, making it seem closer to the mold of Narnia and less like a cute animals film.

Of course, there are trade-offs with every decision. The last poster was quite endearing and it probably struck a chord with a certain audience. The new one strives to reach a broader audience, but it might end up not really connecting with anybody. I think this is a good way to go with the marketing, but it’s certainly not without risks.

All that said, I have to ask: what happened to the creatures eyes? More specifically, why aren’t they there? Is it blinking or something? Looks very odd, doesn’t it?

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The Water Horse Poster

The Water Horse Poster

A cute looking and smiling mythical animal who is obviously still a baby. In a bathtub. The perfect image to grab the attention of the little kids and to make every adult run as far as possible.

The marketing for The Water Horse seems to be aiming really young. And not in the “fun for the whole family” way. It’s more of a “hey children, why don’t you force your parents to see this?” way. Sure, they manage to squeeze in that the people producing this also produced The Chronicles of Narnia. But unlike what happened with Narnia they don’t seem to be showing any elements that could appeal to the no longer so young among us. Perhaps because the movie itself lacks such elements?

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The Spiderwick Chronicles Teaser Poster

The Spiderwick Chronicles Teaser Poster

I was very impressed by the trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicles. It made the movie seem a lot more interesting and a little darker than I expected. In fact, it made me think that there is a chance I might actually enjoy the movie.

This poster, on the other hand, reminds me of why I used to be completely uninterested in the film.

Which is not at all to say that it’s a bad poster. It’s a nice teaser poster. The blurry and weirdly colored forest, together with the tagline, make it pretty clear that this movie involves some sort of parallel and probably magical universe. And the kid at the center, cautiously entering the forest, seems to indicate that this will be a “child stumbles upon a fantasy world” film, in the style of Narnia, which is sure to get some people interested. And the overall look is unique enough to be memorable. Hopefully the final poster will reveal many other fantastic elements not shown currently, but you can’t show everything in the teaser.

But the poster, with it’s bright colors, forest setting and highlighted child star, does make the movie seem very light and kid friendly. Which is why I assumed I wouldn’t be interested in it. The poster seems to set the movie as something that is of interest strictly for children and young teens. Nothing wrong with that. The big fantasy movies (Narnia, LotR, Potter) derived much of their success from the ability to appeal to older teens and adults, but that doesn’t mean that Spiderwick has to go for similarly broad appeal.

I do wonder whether people, including kids, might be getting tired of all the fantasy movies staring children. We have had many of them, there is a bunch of others that will open this year and yet another bunch that is being announced. With all those similar films hitting the theaters, standing out might get a lot harder, which means that the marketing material (including posters) is going to have to become more creative.


Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Well, this film is opening next Friday, so I guess I should say something about it. Not sure what tough, I’m so not the intended audience for this film it’s not even funny.

It’s certainly a slick looking poster, and a nice showcases for the star, which might appeal to the pre-teen girl demographic. It does have a very outdated feel tough, as if it was something out of the 50’s. I wish there were some modern elements in there to spice it up.

Then again this outdated feel might be exactly what Nancy Drew is all about. I have no idea.

Firehouse Dog Poster

Firehouse Dog Poster

There is something to be said for a movie poster that tells you exactly what the movie is going to be like. In this case, we have a dog dressed as a firefighter.

Now, do I like this poster? No. Would I want it hanging in my wall? Definitely no. But does it tell me that I should stay far away from this film? Hell yes. So, job well done!

You can see Firehouse Dog in a theater near you right now!