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The Indie Spirit

So, what might the posters for this year’s biggest films look like if they were made with an indie sensibility? NextMovie decided to answer that question, and the results were really interesting. Some of the posters are beautiful, some not so much. But more importantly, many of them capture perfectly the indie poster style.

Below are two examples, but you really should go see the whole thing.


Special Prints: Halloween Edition

Maybe I’m just a lot more aware of it these days because of the site, but it seems like the special poster for a screening/limited run for sale thing has exploded over the last couple of years. Not that I’m complaining, plenty of great stuff being created, some of which I have even bought for myself.

To celebrate some of that “stuff”, here are a few Halloween appropriate posters. 

First, from the guys over at Skuzzles, here are two posters by Rhys Cooper for two Troma cult classics:

These will be sold separately AND in a two-for-one combined print. The sale starts some random time tomorrow (November 1st) . If you are interested, go here.

Next, from Derek Gabryszak, here is a red hot one for Suspiria, which went on sale today over here.

And since we are talking about Derek, here is another one he made for Fargo:

Ok, that one isn’t so Halloween, buy it is cool, so…

Still Alive

Just a quick note to let you all know that I haven’t abandoned the blog. Unfortunately I have been dealing with some family issues which have kept me from giving the blog any time at all. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon and I will resume posting early next year.

Also, if you have sent me an e-mail in the past month and a half I probably haven’t read it. Sorry. I’ll make an effort to read everything and answer as soon as I can.

Classic Movies, Modern Posters

So here is the story: as part of the promotion for it’s “Summer Under the Stars” marathon of films TCM created a bunch of new, modern posters for some of the movies that will be showcased. And the posters are really good.

You can see two of my favorites in this post, but be sure to check them all out over at RopeOfSillicon or at the official site. Worthy of your time.

I think comparing this sort of tribute posters to posters for new movies is unfair for two reasons. First, these are classic movies that have left strong images and ideas in our culture. Images and ideas that can be used in the composition of the poster. Second, since everybody knows about the movies there is no need to introduce them to the public, or even much need to really sell them. This allows a level of freedom to come up with interesting and creative concepts that is never afforded to the people coming up with poster for new movies.

But still, the set is a nice reminder of how beautiful and evocative good movie posters can be.

(thanks go to James for calling my attention to these)

Comic Books Are Fun

IGN released a few days ago this very entertaining list written by Jay Hainsworth of what they deem to be The Top 25 Comic Book Movie Posters. Some of the longtime readers might notice that many posters from this old post make an appearance. Which probably tells you more about the scarcity of great comic book posters than it tells about mine or Jay’s taste.

They do go with different choices for number one (seen above), although it is sort of a variation on the choice I made. But I have to admit that looking back I probably agree with them.

However, you know what I really don’t like about this list? Two. Freaking. Posters. Per. Page. For a total of 13 pages. 13! I understand the urge to increase the page views, but this is just ridiculous guys.