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Pandorum Explained

So taking this poster and the last poster in consideration I can say that Pandorum is about having various tubes inserted all over your body. It’s nice when the posters clearly tells you what to expect from a movie.

Another plus: very consistent visual identity. Pandorum is THE tubes in body movie.

(Via IMPAwards)


Moon Posters

I’m intrigued by these two poster for Moon, both of which I quite like. The one above is new, the one below is the one we had seen before.

Both posters have the same general objective: put the focus in Sam Rockwell’s character and give us a sense of his isolation (the film has him alone in the moon for several years). But the differences are interesting. The older poster used a more technological theme and was fairly loaded with background.

The new one, on the other hand, uses the same image o Rockwell, but strips almost everything else out, replacing them with a black background and concentric circles representing the moon (I guess). I think the bareness of the poster ends up conveying the character’s isolation and loneliness much much better, so that in itself is a big improvement.

But that is not all. The style of the poster is clearly antiquated. Which I myself, as a matter of taste, often appreciate. But beyond making the poster visually different than most other modern posters you are like to see any given day, I think the style also fits the movie and its themes. In part because many people have mentioned that the movie feels like an old fashioned sci-fi, something resembling decades past.

More specifically, the fascination with the moon itself is a bit old fashioned. We’ve been there. We’ve conquered it, in a sense. And now, we don’t care so much anymore. Now we are trying to get to Mars. Or beyond. But the Moon? That lost some of its mystery. But the poster helps us go back to a time when that wasn’t so.

It’s not a broad appeal blockbuster poster. Its not going to convince tons of people to see the movie. But it fits the movie, and makes it seem a little more special.

(Via AintItCoolNews, Thanks to reader PJ for the tip)

Star Trek?

It took me a good 30 seconds to actually realize that this was a picture of a moving (I imagine) enterprise. Before that I kept seeing a weird shower head.

I think the goal of the Star Trek marketing is to keep the core trekkie audience interested while also significantly broadening the series appeal. A big white mess seems unlikely to achieve either of these goals.

And even after you figure out what the image is, it’s still not very interesting. The enterprise going fast. A different depiction from those we have seen before, but one that doesn’t actually add much.

Maybe the idea is that by doing something that can’t be immediately understood they will get people’s attention, and that when these same people figure it out they will remember the Enterprise clearly. But this sort of strategy seems as likely to irritate people as it is to engage them.

(Via IMPAwards)

Three Times Star Trek

The three international posters released for Star Trek today are very different from each other. First we have this one:

Basically the approach here was to use the big heads floating over landscape design and to put in the landscape two of the most striking images found in the trailer: Kirk on a bike and the still being built Enterprise. The end result? kind of a mess.

The second takes an almost directly inverse approach. None of the actors show up, just a striking, CGI filled image of a famous monument interacting with the film’s world. This too is a well known design choice. We saw similar things for example here. And of course here.

The problem? Except for the title there is nothing in the image that says Star Trek. as a matter of fact I’m not completely sure what is going on in the poster.

And then we have this third poster, which feels like a throwback to earlier Star Trek posters, and even more reminds me of some other 80’s style sci-fi imagery. Only everything is very polished, and looks modern. Those older posters right now seem like a very outdated vision of the future. This, not so much.

I like this poster, even tough when you really think about it the image is more or less your standard big floating heads poster. And it even looks like an Iron Man poster I criticized last year. But it fills me with a sense of nostalgia I hadn’t experienced yet. And I think the poster kind of captures what the movie is going to be all about, for better or for worst.

(Via Kinopoisk and IMPAwards)

Terminator: Salvation Gets Another Poster

One of the complaints I had about the last batch of Terminator posters was that they didn’t use the series iconography well enough. In that point this poster is a big leap forward. The T skull as it exists in this poster is easyly recognizable in a way nothing on the other posters was. It feels like home.

But what is most interesting about this is how it turns that iconography on it’s head (literally!). Seeing that disembodied skull being carried by some lowly human does take some of the bite of the terminator. At the same time it is an impressive and shocking image that puts us in the middle of the war between humans and machines. It sets up this as a different film then the others, one where the terminators are not some invincible monsters we must always flee from, but something that can actually be fought. Sometimes, different is good. Considering the last films, I think people will be excited about some fighting back.

The poster also manages to make a halfway decent job of setting placing the movie’s happening on an apocalyptic future.

I still don’t care for the color scheme, but all things considered this is a big improvement.

And just to echo something that James Ford said on comments, I would like someone to explain to me why Sam Worthington is getting so much space in these posters. In this one his name takes up about as much space as Bale’s. In the last one his character got one third of the poster. Really, considering how unknown Sam is this seems inexplicable.

(Via IGN and IMPAwards)

Terminator and Some Regular Posters

I liked the previous posters for Terminator: Salvation, including the very cool motion poster. These new character posters are a bit of a disappointment tough. Very usual action posters, with the characters looking busy and loads of stuff flying around, which mostly serves to muddle the image.

The new posters don’t really explore in any effective way the iconography of the series. Yes there is a T-something, but in here he looks like just like a generic killer robot. And the posters also don’t even hint at some of the new, cool stuff the trailers seem to be setting up. The scope of the battle is also not well represented. Everything is really generic, which is no good for a series that has such a powerful history.

And as discussed before, I’m not a big fan of brown. At all.

(Via IMPAwards)

The 50’s Ain’t What They Used to Be

I love 50’s style sci-fi posters. Especially the ones about invasions from out of space. This, for example, is great. And the idea of trying to use the style to create a poster for a film that as a bit of a parody of those movies is awesome.

But this is not a good poster. It wouldn’t have worked as a serious poster back them and doesn’t work as a spoof poster now. too much stuff, very little of it actually memorable.

Sigh. I guess I’ll have to stick to the originals.