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Southland Tales UK Quad

Southland Tales UK Quad

Strange. That is one word that could be used to describe Donnie Darko, the first feature film from director Richard Kelly. And I’m sure it will also describe his second film, Southland Tales. But the question is, will Tales be the good kind of strange? Darko certainly was, so there is some hope.

This UK quad poster, on the other hand, falls firmly on the bad kind of strange category for me. Mostly because it’s just an incomprehensible mess. And it doesn’t at all convey that the film will be thrillingly crazy and full of energy, which is kind of what I think they were going for. It just makes it seem like the film won’t make any sense.

I understand that it is hard to distill Southland Tales into a poster, since it’s apparently a complex film without any easily explainable story. But there has to be ways to make posters better than this.

(Via Empire)


Final Southland Tales Poster

Final Southland Tales Poster

Could it be true? A final poster for Southland Tales? Does this mean the movie will actually get released this time? Impressive.

Ok, now that I’m over the shock, let me take a look at the poster. Well, there is certainly a lot going on in there, isn’t it? We have the faces of many of the actors, we have several stripes we very busy backgrounds, we have sort of a poster inside of a poster and we have an upside down/reversed American flag being formed by the composition of all of that. Yes a lot of stuff indeed, and I’m sure that this will also be true of the actual movie.

Honestly, this is too much stuff for my tastes, and it doesn’t really amount to any coherent whole. I don’t hate the idea, but I don’t think this particular execution works.

(Via Cinematical, thanks to John Allison for tipping me off to it)

Killers From Space and Wild Women Of Wongo Posters

As you people might or might not already know, three of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, have reunited in order to do some MST3000 style commentary tracks of bad movies. The call themselves The Film Crew and recently they have tackled the somewhat cult classic Killers From Space. Their next project? Wild Women Of Wongo.

Upon hearing those titles I couldn’t help but to look for the original posters. Gladly the Internet did not disappoint me.

Killers From Space Poster

Killers From Space Poster

Help! Our world is being attacked by GIANT EYES!

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New The Invasion Poster

The Invasion Poster

Well, this is certainly much better than the last Invasion poster. At least it isn’t ugly and it does manages to transmits some sense of danger, both with Nicole Kidman’s expression and with what looks a lot like a zombie horde in the background, partially covered by the light.

Still, it isn’t an awe inspiring poster. Considering how awful the last poster was, and considering that they seem to be having some trouble getting people interested in this film, I really wish they had gone with something a little bolder.

But it’s not bad.

(via IMPAwards)

The Invasion Poster

The Invasion Poster

I don’t really like this poster. It does manages to remind people that the film stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. And I do like how Craig’s blue eyes stand out and the general expression on Kidman’s face. But overall the poster fails to make the movie look more interesting.

I guess the intent here was to transmit a sense of creepiness and perhaps a little paranoia. After all, these are the some of the main elements that made the earlier Invasion of the Body Snatchers films so interesting. But there is a fine line between creepy and just weird, and I think this one mostly falls on the just weird side. Again, Kidman’s expression works, but the rest doesn’t. And the red hue used in the poster doesn’t do much beyond making it look ugly.

I really liked the teaser poster for The Invasion, and was hoping that the main poster was going to be equally good, but no such luck.

(via Cinematical)

New Transformers Poster

Transformers Poster

Aint It Cool News brings us this new Transformers poster. And they really like it over there. In fact, a lot of sites had really positive reactions to this poster. I guess that makes the poster a success.

I myself am more mixed onit. The interaction of the layers (background, Optimus, Shia and Megan) seems kind of wrong to me. A little fake even. And the sun setting lightning they are using ends up hiding much of the details of Optimus. Which might be the point, but it still detracts from the overall appearance of the poster.

On the plus side, we do get to see a full body Optimus Prime, who seems like he has been through some pretty intense fighting. And that is pretty cool. But I still like the older Transformers posters better.

Sunshine Movie Poster

Sunshine Movie Poster
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This new poster for Sunshine is, much like the old posters, excellent.

For me, the idea of a dying sun that still holds the incredible power of giving life or killing us mere mortals is at the center of the appeal of Sunshine. And this poster does a good job of turning that idea into a memorable and catchy image. I was unsure about the sun drenched face of Cillian Murphy at first, but after a while I started liking it quite a bit. It adds the necessary human element to the image.

The poster is also pretty consistent with the kind of imagery we see in the actual film, which I think is a good thing.

One thing I don’t like is the way the critics’ quotes were included. Maybe the actual poster will be different, but they are almost unreadable in the computer screen. I guess the idea is that you’re only able to make out a few key words (“Extraordinary”, “Visceral”) and that is enough to make an impression. But I don’t think it works very well.

And if I may step out of my role as a poster critic for a minute, let me say that I got to watch Sunshine a while ago, and although the movie has some serious problems, especially in the third act, it has enough great moments to make it the best film I have seen so far this year. I highly suggest that you people try to catch it when it opens on July 20th. And let me know what you thought.