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Another Day, Another Transformers Poster

Internation Transformers Poster

This new poster combines several elements we have see before, such as the face of Optimus, the skyline and Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox standing together. We do get to see more of Megatron than we did before, tough.

I don’t much like this poster. Too cluttered, and the various elements don’t mesh together very well. I understand the desire of having a poster that brings together all the things that we have seen before, but this isn’t a very good implementation of that.


New International Transformers Posters

Optimus Character Poster

My main worry about the Transformers movie was that they wouldn’t be able to make the robots look right. The trailers, posters and photos I have seen so far have assuaged me of that fear. These new posters bring some of it back tough.

To me, the robots look strange in these new ones. The faces just don’t seem to fit together right. I think it is in great part because of the eyes, which seem off. And yes, the teeth in Megatron are weird.

Will we be able to empathise with those things? I don’t know. But since the rest of the material has been so good, I’m still cautiously optimistic.


Megatron Character Poster
Bumblebee Character Poster

Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles Poster 2

think that, as far as teaser posters go, the one above is pretty good. You can’t see any character detail, but it sets up the dark atmosphere and shows clearly enough that they are ready to fight.

But, I really like the previous teaser poster for this film much more.

Mutant Chronicles Poster (Big)

This one sends chills through my spine. The helmet pierced by the, well, thing, conveys a sense of deep darkness and of raging war in a way that the new poster can’t approach. It’s also a much more memorable and iconic image. I hate the look of the title, but it’s an otherwise a very powerful poster.

New Transformers Poster

New Transformers Poster

I can’t be the only one who was immediately reminded of this other, completely unrelated poster:

escape from Alcatraz Movie Poster

Anyway. The new Transformers poster is nice enough. They seem to have decided to not show the robots or the action too much on the promotional material, which is probably a good choice. Save something for the actual film.


Next Poster

Next Poster

[Edit: Bumped because the movie opens this week.]

Julliane Moore looks weird in this poster. Like she is about 15 years old. She looks very good normally, thank you very much, there was no need to make her look 30 years younger.

This is another black and blue poster, which seems to be a preferred color scheme of the gritty sci-fi thriller. And below the very large Nicolas Cage head we have a city that is apparently going up in flames. Which makes the film seem exciting and dangerous!

Or not.

The film is based on a Philip K. Dick story about a man who can see into the future. Now, there have been some great movies based on Dick’s work (Blade Runner) and there have been some awful movies based on Dick’s work (Paycheck). How much do you want to bet this will be one of the later?

(Source: JoBlo)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

This new poster for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has been making the internet rounds, so I guess I should say something about it, right?

What I find most interesting about the poster is that it makes clear that the silver surfer is the biggest drawn of the new film and is going to be a major character, on par with any of the actual members of the FF. I like this strategy because, honestly, the first FF wasn’t very good. And I really need a good reason to think the new one will be better.

I’m not quite sold on the movie yet, but the SS does add an exciting component to the equation. Who knows, this film just might work.