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The Spirit Final Poster

And so one of the more interesting poster campaigns of this year is coming to a close. Honestly, although I still think it’s quite a good campaign, it peaked too soon. That teaser poster was everything I wanted the posters for this film to be: sharp, strong and with a clear and unique visual style. The posters that came after it showed us more of the characters, which seems wise, but could never really get back to that level visually. And the recent addition of oranges and browns to the posters isn’t making me too happy.

Which is not to say that this last poster isn’t good. It is very creative, energetic and has several distinctive elements. But it ultimately lacks a clear message selling the film or a truly recognizable and unique visual style that could propel the movie in to people’s must see list. So, as a marketing instrument I think it is less effective than I would have liked. And although I enjoy looking at it very much, the teaser is what might eventually make its way to my wall one of these days.

(Updated with slightly revised version from Cinematical)

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In Honor Of Yet Another Good Opening

So, SAW V (five!) took about $30 million dollars in its opening weekend. I’m sure this series is running out of steam, but I’m, as of right now, retiring from the business of predicting that the SAW marketing has lost its power.

I wonder what the poster for SAW 33 will be like. I mean, you can do a XXXIII with just nine fingers, what will they do with the one left? I can’t wait to find out.

To the Winners the Posters

I probably should have posted this Sunday, but better late then never.

First, I wanted to highlight this retro posters for Wall-E, that were pointed out to me by reader Pristine a while ago and which I pretty much love. Unfortunately they are kind of expensive.

Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster

And in celebration of Wanted’s surprisingly strong second place finish in the box office here are some international poster. Great? No, not even close. But they are a lot better than these.

Wanted PosterWanted Poster
Wanted Poster

All the Boys Love Funny Games

Funny Games PosterAll The Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

This one is interesting to me. The similarities are quite obvious, and have been pointed out elsewhere. Perhaps the fact the the Funny Games poster was one of the most striking posters of late makes things more obvious, but still.

Then again, the differences are quite huge. And among them is the much calmer expression, which pretty much takes away the power from the poster, making it similar superficially, but very different emotionally. And as much as the Funny Games poster has been raved in some corners, FG wasn’t exactly a hit, so using the poster as inspiration seems like a strange choice, from a marketing point of view.

Like I said, interesting.

IMPAwards also has the Swedish poster, which mixes the new poster with the poster I had talked about before, a veeeery long time ago.

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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

Tyrannosaurus Rex Poster

Tyrannosaurus Rex Poster

It seems nobody knows for sure what the hell Tyrannosaurus Rex is about. But it is, much to my disappointment, apparently not about an actual T-Rex. I’m already less interested.

Then again maybe this is a ploy? Show the crazy bikers first, get people thinking this is something kinda like The Devil’s reject, and when people actually go to the movie BAM!, the T-Rex shows up in the first five minutes and starts eating everybody. In the end he he stomps on the pretentious British fop who is just marrying our beloved heroine for her money. The two run away from her overbearing parents and live happily ever after. Until he eats her.

Now that’s a movie I would pay good money to see.

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Sweeney Todd Poster

Sweeney Todd Poster

When it comes to anything related to Tim Burton’s work we can generally expect something dark and a bit weird, but also with a strange sense of humor to it. This poster for Sweeney Todd mostly lacks any humor at all. But otherwise it fits. It’s very dark, not only in it’s color but also in the mood it transmits, with the few splashes of blood red making it especially creepy. And it looks quite weird, both in the visual style which makes the image look like a very realistic drawing and in the choice of setting and of “camera angle”.

Johnny Depp gets prominent placement in the poster, which is to be expected. After all he plays the title character and is the main draw in the film, from a marketing perspective. And I have to say, his expression adds a lot to the poster. Even in a still he is still able to transmit so much with his face. Impressive.

I’m sure many people will will be a little repulsed by the darkness of this poster. Me? Well, I’m more interested than ever in the movie.


Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Poster

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Poster

When I first saw the trailer for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium I got the distinct impression that the marketing department was mostly targeting kids. The poster gives me the same impression. It’s colorful, it’s bright, it has a bunch of stuff flying around and it has Dustin Hoffman with a very silly grin. What it doesn’t have is many elements that are likely to appeal to those of us who aren’t children anymore. Sure, Natalie Portman in any shape or form is bound to attract some of us, but that is pretty much it.

I don’t personally like the poster very much, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective with the target audience. And plenty of films with close to none adult appeal managed to do just fine in the box office by convincing the kids to drag their parents to the movies.